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Note to Self is co-written by 28 sixth formers: the members of the Perspective team.

As our name, Perspective, suggests, we each give a personal viewpoint on a topic close to our hearts.

Our articles, ranging from coping with anxiety to surviving social media, seek to give authentic insights to others in a similar position. Here's to new perspectives!


About Perspective

Our company was created with the aim of helping other young people who are going through the same issues we've come across. We hope you enjoy reading 'Note to Self' and that our mission, to share our knowledge and advice on what we feel matters the most, is accomplished. During the process of creating Perspective, we’ve experienced the benefits of sharing advice and opening up. We hope that by extension, this has sparked a change in the way our readers deal with their own challenges from now on.


Note To Self


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"'Note to Self' is co-written by 28 sixth formers: the members of the Perspective team. Each of the 28 co-authors who contributed an article has experienced first-hand the specific issue they wrote about, from living in a second language to struggling with body confidence. For adult readers, it's an insight into the mind of a 16-year-old; for other young people, it gives the knowledge that whatever you're facing, you're not alone.


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