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Inspiring People: Flavia Dalzell Payne

Perspective is eager to continue Note to Self’s message of sharing different stories and outlooks on life. We have started a series called Inspiring People on this website, where we interview people we think are making an impact on the world in a unique way and have an interesting story to tell. For our first post I interviewed Flavia Dalzell Payne who runs Maya Empowerment, a company that works with children and adults delivering the Infinite Possibilities program all around the world, as well as working with schools near-by. The Perspective team met Flavia at a networking evening and her link to school and her passion for helping young people find empowerment, as well as promoting good mental health meant we had lots to talk about! We thought that her company’s message was very fitting with Note to Self and were eager to find out more. She generously answered the questions below, explaining more about what she does and her motivation in her work.

What was the trigger for starting Maya Empowerment?

⁃ My own personal journey - self-empowerment has been my biggest life lesson. Empowerment literally means ‘into power’, it’s about realising that you are powerful and learning to exercise that power to create a happy, successful life. It’s about truly believing in yourself: believing that you really do matter, that you belong, that your voice counts and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

⁃ I came out of school with the false and limiting belief that you had to be super clever to achieve anything great in life and my actions mirrored my beliefs. I played small, shying away from the really big opportunities and responsibilities.

⁃ Maya Empowerment teaches people of their own power and potential so that they can build up their self-belief and self-esteem. Students learn about the power and workings of the Mind and how to develop their innate capabilities of creativity, perceptiveness and resilience to help them embrace change in a healthy way and realise their potential.

What has been the biggest milestone in your career?

⁃ It’s coming up! Giving a talk on psychological well-being and resilience to the Metropolitan Police Service in London in January. An opportunity which fell into my lap - pay attention to what comes easily to you!

Why do you think it is important for people to be empowered?

⁃ So that they are able to transcend any psychological roadblocks which are holding them back from giving their best to the world. Those with an understanding of their own true potential begin to tap into it and can become a force for good in the world. We each have the responsibility to step up and into our full potential.

⁃ I am passionate about empowering young people because you are our future leaders and, although you might not know it yet, the pioneers of a whole new way of being in the world!

If you could give your younger self advice what would you say? Is there anything you would have done differently?

⁃ 1.)Your natural state is happiness and well-being - you are innately resilient, you are built for reality. You’ve got all you need. 2.) You are of immense value and have totally unique gifts to offer the world.

⁃ As one of my teacher’s taught me: “Life isn’t about blood, sweat and tears; it’s about belief, imagination and expectation”. Life is the ultimate treasure hunt, it’s about discovering your own meaning and purpose. If you can realise your own power, discover and develop your talents and share them where they are needed in the📷 world, you will live a meaningful life of real impact.

⁃ What would I have done differently? Oh, everything! I would have known to use my imagination to focus on dreaming bigger dreams, rather than focusing on my fears and my perceived limitations; and without a shadow of a doubt, I would have made bigger, bolder and better choices in my life. Learning this information at a younger age would have changed the whole trajectory of my life.

How do you find working with young people different from adults?

⁃ Young people absorb this information like sponges and just run with it. They intuitively understand it. All that many young people need to shake off their limitations is an understanding of the power of their own Mind and how the Mind works.

⁃ As adults we can become entrenched in our old habits, doubts, fears and insecurities and many don’t believe transformation is really possible. We identify with our negative thoughts, low expectations and limiting beliefs about ourselves, the world and other people, believing “that’s just the way life is” and “that’s just how people are”. But the truth is that change, even for adults, is only a thought away!

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

⁃ Seeing people’s faces light up with understanding in a moment of realisation (of their true nature, their true potential). I know in that instant that their life has just changed irrevocably. To witness one of these defining moments is awe-inspiring every time.

Why do you think people struggle to find empowerment?

⁃ In my opinion, because they haven’t had this education! Knowledge is power. Most people have no idea of their own potential and no understanding of the Mind. It is crucial education for every human being. The Ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” is the key. If we can teach people of the power of their thoughts and imagination, the purpose of their emotions and how their beliefs shape their lives, they become empowered with their own self-belief, courage, creativity and resilience and will be well equipped to navigate life and cope with adversity.

If you want to find out more about Maya Empowerment visit their website:

By Isla

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